MCFC Analytics – Summary of blog posts #4

It has been about a month since the basic MCFC data set has been released and it is great to see lots of people churning out stuff using both the basic and advanced data sets.

Based on the tweets with #MCFCAnalytics tag, there are quite a few peoples’ projects are in progress. Good luck to all of you. Make sure you share your project/blog links with the hashtag.

Some people are looking for partners and contributors to the projects they are working on. If you are interested, please keep a tab on the #MCFCAnalytics tab and get in touch with folks directly.

Analysis posts

  1. @MarkTaylor0Analyzing the passes by comparing them to their expected pass completion rates using passes of James Milner in Bolton Vs. Manchester City from 2011-12 season.
  2. Mark also has post on how Man City and Bolton passed the ball
  3. @JdewittHow goals are scored in EPL
  4.  @ChrisJLilleyAnalyzing center-backs of the premier league
  5. @analysefooty (this blog!)Opposition analysis of Arsenal

Visualization posts

  1. @DanJHarrington – a very interesting visualizations of passes using Vector diagrams in Tableau Public
  2. @MarchiMax – a visualization of where the ball is a few seconds before a shot is taken
  3. @OngoalsscoredVisualization of the goalscorer’s body parts. Very neat!

If I missed any please post your links in the comments section.

Links to previous summaries

Summary #1

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Feel free to tweet me or email me if you want to chat with me on something specific!


First Post : Yet another blog crunching the football numbers

The world needed just one more football datanik and I have decided to answer the call.

Seriously though, I love data.
I love designing visual interfaces to represent data.
I deal with a bit of both in my day job.

And above all, I love football.

This blog is an attempt at mixing all three and see what shakes. It could turn-out to be an #EPICFAIL or a “meh” …or something useful and substantial. We (me and the 2 bots/crawlers that might stumble upon this site) will find it out in a few months.

My whole-hearted thanks to Saurabh who did an amazing job of designing the logo and the layout. I know from experience that simple designs are the hardest ones to design. 

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