MCFC Analytics – summary of blog posts # 2

I got good response for the first summary post I did last week. Here is a summary of articles done using MCFC Analytics data in the past week.

@MarkTaylor0 did a great post called “How teams win”. Mark calculated a list of various correlations that lead to wins.

Mark also did another interesting post  on  Newcastle’s 2011/12 season and the role of luck in their success.

@JimmyCoverdale Did a post enumerating how “Will he score goals in the Premier League? Is a wrong question to ask “ of newcomers to the league.

Jimmy also has a great post discussing the “Effectiveness of Crossing and the correlation with chances created”

@Zahlenwerkstatt did a post ranking goalkeepers in the 2011-12 season based on minutes played, save % and goals conceded.
I have made a couple of follow-ups based on the feedback of Final 3rd Analysis  Follow up #1 & Follow up #2

I have a couple of new posts lined up for later this week.

@OptaPro & Gavin Fleig‘s update on the Advanced data & T & Cs

Simon and Gavin released the updated T & Cs this past week allaying apprehensions of some of the bloggers regarding some of the language in the original T & Cs.

They have also announced that the first installment of the advanced data set will be released this week! I am excited.

If you find an article that is using MCFC Analytics data and is not posted here, please let me know. I will add it in the next week’s summary.

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    I am trying to do one analysis per week on my blog. I post on linked in but will add a twitter link.

    • Ravi Ramineni

       /  September 12, 2012

      Hi John

      I completely forgot about your links in Linked In. Yeah send them to me on twitter @analysefooty. I will include them in the next weekly update


     /  September 30, 2012

    hey nice post. im looking to get started in the analytics manchester city thing. im an american, so while im a soccer fan, its definitely behind my baseball stats skills, but im quite the styats dork and am loving the open source platform theyre working on. im a systems engineer so quite comfortable with most analysis, id be interested in collaborating projects. just a shout. your blog was included in the email and i enjoyed a lot of these posts, would like to contribute my talents to any analysis.

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